We have plenty of experience gained from working both in-house and as consultants, which means we have a real-life understanding for what it's like to juggle fee earning, client management, people and business management responsibilities.

When you want to know what it feels like to be a client and what it is they want from you, we can shed some light.  Prior to working in professional services we gained experience in blue chip companies across sectors such as retail, manufacturing, finance, construction, utilities, Government, healthcare, transport and telecoms.
We have maintained many of our sector links and continue to work on several key commercial projects each year so that our understanding of client needs is always current and based on personal experience.

To make working with us as straight forward and as profitable as possible our business ethos and management skills are rooted in practical application and are delivered with;
  • Tireless enthusiasm for the subject
  • Good humour, a firm grip but a light touch
  • Insight and inventiveness
  • Patience and determination